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Support workers are in constant short supply as millions of people in and around London and other parts of the UK require the care and support of these professionals.

Care support workers form a large chunk of the professionals in the health and social care industry, not counting people who provide these services free of charge to their loved ones at home. These professionals provide much-needed care and support to people who require assistance to function properly. If you have what it takes to deliver excellent results in the health and social care sector as a support worker, E&T Recruitment will help make your dream a reality.

Who Will You Be Working with?

As a support worker, you will be assisting individuals, families and communities who need the care and support only you can provide. You will be responsible for the comfort and wellbeing of the people in your care. Support workers typically work with people living with illnesses or disabilities, children with physical and learning disabilities, vulnerable people such as those living with mental health issues, as well as people who have led or still living through difficult times.

Your duties as a support worker are highly dynamic, and you will be working with adults, children, and the elderly. You may have to live with your patient or stay offsite, depending on the situation of the person and their needs. Your work can take you to the residence of a patient, care homes, hospitals, and mental health clinics as well as supported housing projects.

Working as a care support worker can be daunting as well as rewarding. You could be providing care and support for individuals living with disabilities, people recovering from illnesses, in fact, your duty is to improve the lives of your patients and their family members.

You are expected to carry out the following as a support worker:

  • Identify the needs of the individuals within your care through interviews and observation.
  • Monitoring of conditions and medical reporting
  • Assisting clients with day to day activities like getting off the bed, washing, dressing, eating, drinking, mobility, and others.
  • Helping clients perform recreational activities.
  • Maintenance of medical records.
  • Providing companionship and empathy.
  • Supporting family members of clients.

As a support worker, you need to be kind, empathetic, organized and a relationship builder.

Do you want to build a career in the social care sector? Consultants at E&T Recruitment will help you secure a position that’s a perfect fit for you in the social care sector. We are here to help you.