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Sitter/Nanny Staffing

At E&T Recruitment Agency we help give your family the love and care they deserve when you are not there.

We all love to spend quality time with our kids, watching them grow and being present at the most critical part of their lives when they need their adults. However, the demands of daily life can be challenging, and household needs are always varied and ever-present. But your home and family comes first!

That’s why E&T has committed itself to match the best families with the best nannies and sitters on the market.

Our highly experienced and professional staff search and screen each candidate to make sure they are the best fit for your family. We have helped some of the finest families in the city of London secure the services of the best nannies and sitters in the country.

We serve all types of families including rising executives, celebrities, high-profile CEOs, estates, and even companies. Whatever your needs or preferences, our experts can narrow down the search to find the candidates with the requisite professional qualification and experience to match your family needs.

Whether you need a nanny or babysitter, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit that meets the unique circumstances of your family. Irrespective of your family’s needs or size, we can always find a nanny or babysitter to match your children’s needs perfectly.

We believe your family deserves all the love and care it can get, and we go the extra mile to find professional and experienced nannies and babysitters who will fit right into your home. Our searches are highly confidential, and both client and candidate will receive every important information they need to make the right decision.

A nanny or babysitter is more or less a part of your family. At E&T, we believe your family and household should never come in contact with unprofessional caregivers or people with ulterior motives. This is why it’s extremely risky trying to find a nanny or babysitter all by yourself on the internet. Let our proven experts help you search for the best hands in the industry. We use a highly efficient screening process to dig deep into each candidate to make sure your family receives only the highest level of professional childcare services from the finest practitioners.

We know the importance of children in the life and home of our clients, and we go over and above to ensure that your children get that perfect someone to care and look out for them like you will do. At the core of our company is burning energy to impact our clients and candidates positively, and our impressive track record in the industry shows we are good at what we do!

Whether you need long-term or short-term, live-in or live-out nannies or babysitters, E&T can help you find and match you with professionals who are passionate about delivering top quality care for your family.

We can help you find childcare professionals specialising in newborn and infant childcare, night nannies, and postpartum nannies. We also match families with long-term, temporary, and event childcare specialties. Whether you need a professional to look after your child while you are away at work, at a conference five cities away or on a business trip on another continent, E&T will help you find a childcare specialist with the expertise and experience that perfectly matches your unique situation.

Call us today to learn more about our childcare recruitment services.