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Did you Know We Could Help You With Shopping?

At E&T we understand that moving around doing either food shopping or other essentials can be a difficult job. Getting to and from the Stores and shops can be challenging, carrying bags can be tiring and you can end up dreading the experience. Don’t worry we here at E&T can offer a complete range of services to help you fill your fridge and Cupboards.

  • We can accompany you to the shops,
  • we can help you pick and choose your groceries,
  • we can help carry your shopping bags and take you back home safely. Upon reaching home, we can help you unpack your shopping and store it wherever you want.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t feel like up to going out, we can take your list and go shop for you.
  • We will make sure we are well advised on what products you would buy and if there’s any questions we can even give you a call-in case there’s a bargain we think you may like.

If you Think You or your Loved One Would Benefit From Our Services;

Call E&T Home Care today at 02037197240 to learn more about our personal care services.