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Here at E&T understands that caring for a loved one is a role that demands a lot of commitment and selflessness and can take up a lot of emotional and physical energy. It’s also understandable that at times you’ll need a break in order to rest and recuperate. In fact, it’s important that you take time for yourself every now and then in order to relax and ensure that you can continue to provide the high standard care that your loved one requires.

However, the prospect of leaving your loved one while you take a short break from your role or go on holiday can be a daunting one as you want to ensure that your loved one is still well cared for. During this period, you may consider finding a short-term, part-time or live-in carer to care for your loved one while you’re away

Our Respite Care Services

We will ensure that your loved one’s care and support needs are still met in your absence. This can be less disruptive than putting your loved one into temporary residential care as it means routines continue and that your loved one can remain in familiar surroundings with their local support system.

Respite care isn’t only available for when you need a break – you can also arrange emergency respite care if you become ill or have to go into hospital at short notice. Respite care can also be invaluable if you and your loved one want to try out home care for a short period to see whether it works for you.

As with other care services available, respite care can provide support for various conditions including Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, strokes, cancer, and more. We can help you find temporary live-in or part-time respite care. This has the dual benefit of being more affordable than residential care and keeping your loved one in their own home.

How We Can Provide Respite Care;

  • Live-in care – This is when our trained and trusted carers will live in your house, offering support and company day and night
  • Visiting care – if you need some extra support for a just a few hours each day or each week

Your chosen carer is there to do all the things you normally do. They can live in the home with your loved one or attend on a visiting basis – your tailored plan for care is completely up to you.

Your carer’s daily tasks may include:

  • Nursing Care such as catheter or continence support

  • Mobility support, helping your loved one move around the house

  • Administering medication

  • Ongoing companionship and emotional support

  • Cooking meals and fetching the food shopping

  • Housekeeping, including washing and drying clothes

  • Arranging visits out, for a break or to see family and friends

  • Feeding and caring for pets if you have any

If you Think You or your Loved One Would Benefit From Our Services;

Call E&T Home Care today at 02037197240 to learn more about our personal care services.