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Our Live-in Home Care

Live-in home care services will introduce a caring companion into your life who will share your home and provide round the clock full-time support. Live-in home care offers the safety of a care home while enabling you to maintain your lifestyle in your own home. It empowers people to live as they choose and our goal is to support that.

Here at E&T, our passion is all about increasing the profile of live-in home care, it enables you and your loved ones to access an enriched quality of life that would be lost in a care center.

With one on one support from our specially trained carers, you and your loved ones will be able to live safely and confidently at home, with all your familiar comforts and routines. There is no disruption as Live-in home care enables you to maintain your routine, to stay close to friends, to keep your pets and maintain your hobbies and interests and even explore new ones.

We see everyone as a unique individual with unique circumstances, and we provide the most comprehensive range of live-in home care services available. If you require \our managed live-in home care service with all the support and backing of our team, we can offer our advice and support to ensure that you find your perfect match.

What to expect with our self-managed live-in home care:

– An initial telephone assessment to understand your individual needs.
– Comprehensive recruitment and selection of all live-in carers we introduce you to.
– An introduction to your specially selected live-in career who will provide all your care and support.
– 24/7 on-call advice and support from our office team.

With our self-managed service, one of our team will carry out a telephone assessment and listen carefully to your needs so that we can get an insight into your requirements. We then use our specially designed Match-Care programme to introduce you to the right self-employed live-in career for you. Our Match-Care programme takes into account everything from your hobbies and interests to your favorite foods. We understand how important it is to find someone who will fit entirely into your life and understands your individual needs and lifestyle.

Every carer that is introduced to you through our Homecare will have been carefully selected and will have undergone our induction training programme before your care commences.

Benefits of our live-in home care service:

  • Remain living in the familiar surroundings of your own home

  • Maintaining your routines

  • Full-time support around the clock

  • Better value for money than a care home

  • Compassionate companionship

  • Enriched quality of life

  • Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.