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Hearing the news that a loved one has  dementia or Alzheimer’s can be devastating. It’s important to know that you don’t have to deal with it alone, and there’s help available to you and to your loved one that can ease the burden and provide some clear direction during this uncertain and unpredictable time.

How E&T Home Care Can Help

E&T Recruitment can help with professional care for early, middle, and late-stage dementia care. Our assignment is to provide your loved one living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s the specialised care and support they need to:

  • Live with Dignity and Purpose safely and securely into their own home

  • Enjoy Optimal Health and emotional well-being

  • Maintain Connections to the people, places, things, and memories that matter most to them.

  • Our experienced nurses and carers create an individualized plan of care and provide care oversight to ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one. We collaborate closely with clients, family, and other healthcare providers. Our 24/7 touchpoints ensure everyone is well informed and involved and we regularly review care notes with you to make sure we are meeting your expectations.

  • Our carers provide personal, companion, and specialized memory care, including transportation and light domestic work. In addition, our nurses can provide skilled care and medication management as required.

E&T Companionship, Domestic, Personal Care and Live-in Care services are available in your home, in Care homes, Independent living facilities, and hospitals.

Our Carers are trained to respect and honour the lifestyles and traditions of each patient, their families and their loved ones. As well as providing service for Dementia or Alzheimer’s , our health workers undergo training to address the conditions such these below;

  • MS
  • Parkinson’s
  • Stroke
  • Spine and Brain Injury
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Accident Victims
  • Surgery Patients
  • And so many other ConditionsHourly, Live-In, and 24/7 Care— Whether you are looking for just a few hours a day to round-the-clock support with a live-in, or 24/7, if overnight care is required, we are here and we can gladly provide all the care you need.

Respite Care — We could all do with a break at some point. If you care for a loved one and need a break we can provide care so you can have an evening, a full day, a weekend, or even a week or more to recharge and refresh.