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Companion Ship

At E&T Home care we understand it can feel very lonely being at home on your own for long periods of time.  Companionship cannot be under-estimated in maintaining alertness, engagement and general well-being.  With the hectic and fast-paced life most of us operate within it can be difficult to pay as much attention to loved ones as we would ideally like.  Our caring carers are employed by us because they are compassionate about their job and it is their aim to add a little sparkle to the day of our clients.

  • Our carers can be available to support through the following;

  • Contact with family and friends;

  • Engage in a hobby in or away from the home

  • Join in with community activities.

  • We can help support scheduled appointments for example; doctor, hospital, district nurse, plumber, gasman, cinema, theatre, social visits and more.

If you think you or your loved one might benefit from our services please get in touch;

Call E&T Home Care today at 02037197240 to learn more about our personal care services.